Tonight, the boogie is back !

Polestar preschool
Thank you for saving Paula. You are my hero.
(When Ness is fainting)
Paula, I was worried about you. I'm not going to ask the two of you where you were wandering...
(When Paula is fainting)
Help Paula ! Hurry, hurry !
(When Ness is fainting)
You skinned your knee, huh.
(When Paula is fainting)
What happened to Paula ?
(When Ness is fainting)
Paula, you look nice and healthy. What great timing having you show up now !
(When Paula is fainting)
Paula ? You know, I thought I saw her for a second out of the corner of my eye... maybe I was just dreaming...
Yahoo ! I knew it ! You saved Paula. I don't really understand it, but I know that Paula's miraculous power and your great courage will allow you to stand up to any challenge. Paula if you must take a trip, be sure to bring this along. It's my very own hand-made band-aid ! Ooo ! That rhymes ! I know, I'll call it a Hand-aid !
(Ness got the Hand-Aid.)
Did you meet Dad ? He is sorry that he suspected Mr. Everdred of Burglin Park.
I don't really understand it, but I know that Paula's miraculous power and your great courage will allow you to stand up to any challenge.
(When Ness is fainting)
Yahoo ! I knew it ! You got back here with no problem. Isn't Ness with you ? ...Paula, your mom is trusting his courage and your miraculous power. I won't say I'm not worried. But I'll let you go along... It's for a good cause... Paula if you must take a trip, be sure to bring this along. It's my very own hand-made band-aid ! Ooo ! That rhymes ! I know, I'll call it a Hand-aid !
(Paula got the Hand-Aid.)
Did you meet Dad ? He is sorry that he suspected Mr. Everdred of Burglin Park.
(Goods is hull)
What's that ? You're being a little impatient... You need to sell, use or drop something. After that, I can give this to you.
(When Paula is fainting)
Is that you, Paula ? Oh, I thought she would be back, but not yet... Oh no, I'm not worried... I'll be okay.
Oh Paula ! Ness, thank you so much ! You must be the boy who will save the world, like in Paula's dream. Paula, I'm sure you'd be a big help to Ness. It's not every day a father lets his daughter embark on a journey to save the world !
(When Ness is fainting)
Oh Paula ! Where's Ness ? He isn't here ? I just wanted to thank him. You know, I bet he's the boy you dream would save the world... Paula, I'm sure you'd be a big help to Ness. It's not every day a father lets his daughter embark on a journey to save the world !
(When Paula is fainting)
Oh, Paula ! ...Am I dreaming ? I feel like she just came home...
Dad, don't worry about me. Ness and I will be able to take care of ourselves. In Threed, the next town, we'll meet another friend. If the three of us can combine our power, no one can beat us. Now wipe your eyes, blow your nose, and smile before we take off.
Goodbye Paula. Don't worry, I won't cry anymore...
You're both fine... I'm so relieved ! Why don't you get some rest here ?
Ness, you'll sleep on the couch in the den...
Come on, why don't you put
your dogs up and reeeelax.
(When Paula is fainting)
Hey ! Come on in ! No, I don't need to hear about what happened... Paula will be okay. Why don't you just rest for now. You know where the couch in the den is...
Well, here you are, Ness. I'll make you some Steak, even though I'm not a very good cook.

Burglin Park
Hello ? Ness ? Everdred is looking for you. He's got something for you.
(When Ness is fainting)
Hello ? Ness ? What's that ? You're not ?! Then, if you see Ness, repeat this message to him word for word... Everdred is looking for you. He's got something for you.
Everdred is asking for you. He has a present to give you. Please...
I heard that the kidnapped girl was saved. What ? You saved her That's hard to believe. You don't seem like the hero-type to me.
First, you must take her to her parents. They're really worried. I also have something to give you, so be sure to come back here. Promise ? All right.
(When Ness is fainting)
Paula ! I thought you were with your little hero, the kid in the red cap. You seem cold.
(When Paula is fainting)
I heard that you've been pretty proud of yourself since you saved Paula's life. Think about it, you didn't actually save her. Come back when you've accomplished something.
I was going to ask you to be my partner, but I know you'll refuse. It's written all over your face. If you accepted, I was going to give you some money. Actually, I can't keep the money now anyway. Let me give this to you. It's 10,000 dollars. Use the money any way you like. You cannot refuse my generosity. Just accept it. Now I plan on looking for the evil Mani Mani Statue that Lier X. Agerate unearthed in Onett. I'll see you at another time, in another space.
(Ness got the Wad of bills.)
Please use the 10,000 dollars any way you wish. You cannot refuse my generosity, just accept it.
(Goods is hull)
Your backpack is filled with junk. Get rid of something ! I'll put the money in a safe place until you get back.
(When Ness is fainting)
I need to talk to Ness. Even if you're his friend, I won't talk to you.

Kidnapping is wrong ! I'll be careful not to kidnap anyone !
I'm glad to see you so healthy.
(He's smiling).
(When Paula is fainting)
Oh, Paula ! Uh... sorry, I thought you were Paula.
Congratulations on solving the kidnapping.
I heard that you, Paula, beat up the kidnapper. You're my favorite !
(When Paula is fainting)
I heard that Paula beat up the kidnapper. She's my favorite !
Just as I thought, you two make such a nice couple !
(When Paula is fainting)
My grandson is plying a game called "EarthBound." He's now talking to a plain, old lady in Twoson. I heard that game has some messages that are just there for fun.
(You're fantastic... you even take time to talk to animals.)

Inside of a building
You woke me from that nightmare.
I'm sorry that I made you worry...
Dad and Mom said they won't go to Happy-Happy Village. I'm not sure why, but now I'm happy.
The other day, did you speak to a boy who invents stuff ?
My friend who joined the Happy-happy religion came to see me a while ago. We've became friends again.
Someday, Happy-Happy Village will be truly happy.
Peanuts, Walnuts... Hazelnuts... Pecans... Macadamia nuts... Cashews... Almonds... Giant Pine Nuts... Pine Nuts... Sun Flower Seeds... Pumpkin Seeds... Pistachios... ...Which one do you like ?
(Yes) (No)
I asked you "Which one do you like ?"...

Front of Chaos Theater
(Tonight, the boogie is back ! It's the Runaway Five's night !)
(Runaway Five tour bus.)
If had some connections, I could waltz right in, but I'm just a regular joe.
I love standing in a queue. I also love words that start with "Q."
Queen, quiet, quick...
I'm starting a line here. I want a ticket for today's show, but I may not get it.
We--that's right--we are the Runaway five. We're popular, but not rich. We're bein' cheated by this theater, and we're really deep in debt !
(When Paula is)
You're with a girl today. Ya must be pretty popular. How about introducin' her to my bandmate ? He's right there.
(When Ness is fainting)
Hey, someone was looking for ya.
(When Paula is fainting)
Thanks for talking to me. Didn't ya go off looking for some girls ?
We may be popular, but that girl who lives at the house with the preschool is the talk of the town. I wanna see her someday.
(When Paula is)
Hey, ya came with Paula ! Then you deserve a present, playboy. Here's a Backstage pass. You can get into our shows with this !
(Ness got the Backstage pass.)
(Goods is full)
It seems like you've got an awful lot of junk. Get rid of somethin' and come back for the pass.
With that Backstage pass, you can even get into our dressing room. Come with your girlfriend... We'll be waitin'.
(When Ness is fainting)
Hey, you're Paula ! A boy with a red cap seemed to be lookin' for ya.
(When Paula is fainting)
I heard you're workin' hard tryin' to find the girl who lives at the preschool. If ya find her, bring her to our concert. 

Chaos Theater
I guess I lost my ticket, so now I can't get in. The ticket counter at the
department store was even sold out.
Hello, please present your ticket.
(Ness used Backstage pass)
Here you go. Hurry ! You're just in time to see the Runaway Five show !
See you.
Oh, pardon me.
You want to see Poochyfud, the manager ? Right through this door, please.
The Runaway Five owe me a lot of money. They'll stay here until their pay me back. They might be here for 100 years, unless you decide to pay off their debt... Heh, heh, heh.
(Ness used Wad of bills)
Pardon ? You want to talk about money ? How about later, after the show, even if we're talking big bucks. I've got definite rules about how I handle my money matters...

Hey, you kids... how did you get tickets ? What are you, the owner's kids or something ?
I came here because it's tough to get in, but I'm kind of disappointed. There are no good-looking waitresses, and there is no room for me to show off my latest dance moves.
Y'know, I think it's pretty tacky to entertain our company's business partner by taking him to a Runaway Five show. ...But since I'm new to the company, I better just toe the line.
My boyfriend lost the ticket that I gave him. He's waiting outside the entrance. He's got butter fingers, but he's nice.
They seem too proud... I mean, they just filled up this little music hall after all...
Well, well... I got a little kid here talking to me like he's an adult. I give you one thing--you got guts, kid...
You kids are bouncing around, talking to everyone. It's getting annoying.
The Runaway Five are going to be a world-famous band someday.
Hey, hey, hey ! Don't get too close to me. I just farted, heh, heh... sorry.
Seeing the Runaway Five on stage is my life.
When I sit close to the stage, sometimes I get sweat or spit on me from the Runaway Five.
Do you like baseball ?
I knew it !
Your cap gave it away.
Ah... I see. Well, you don't look like you could figure out a sophisticated game like baseball anyway.
A young fan like you really gets into the Runaway Five's music ? Wow, I'm impressed !
La la La la I just love ragtime !
La la Mi mi I'm tone-deaf. My daughter brought me here. Fa la La mi.
Lucky of the Runaway Five told me I could go backstage, but I don't have a pass. I'm sure security will stop me. Hey ! Really ? You have a pass ? I can't believe it ! Can you take me with you, please please please ? I could pose as your sister. Yes ? This rocks. Let's go. Ooo. My heart is pounding.

Back stage

I'm changing my clothes now. Don't come in !
Well, yeah, in the old days, there was lots o' dancers and acts at this theater. 'cept now, we're the only act playin' here. We even gone into debt here, so we're pretty near stuck, hyuk, hyuk, hyuk. The folks of Twoson'll enjoy the Runaway Five show for quite a few years, it looks like ta me.
(Ness used Wad of bills)
Well, hello ! Ya got cash ! And some nice stuff ta boot ! Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.
Shaba do wap, diddly dee da. Shaba di doo bee, hop wah. I got those debt blues, hm mm mm. If I had 10,000 dollars, I could pay off my debts and move on to the next town. I wonder if our bus still runs. It may be rusted out...
(Ness used Wad of bills)
Don't try to use your play money here, kid. Oh... my... gosh...! That's not real money, is it ? Wow !
I wrote the lyrics to most of the Runaway Five songs.
Money, that's what I want
money, that's what is hot
money, that's what I want
money, it's what we ain't got 'cept freedom, freedom, freedom is what we've really sought !
(Ness used Wad of bills)
Wow ! 10,000 dollars ! I can make another song now. Ten G's, ten G's. That's dollars, baby, dollars. Yeah yeah yeah.
I want some bread. I need the coinage. I want more dough all the time.
(Ness used Wad of bills)
That is exactly what I want. I can't believe that you have that much...
Hey, ya get to see our show, you lucky kid ! I hope ya pay attention.
(Ness used Wad of bills)
If you give him a chance, the theater manager will cheat you out of your money, he he he.
I'm so excited ! I might just wet myself. My heart is going pitter patter !

Chaos Theater
Yeah ! That's right ! Tonight, you got the Chaos Theater's Soul Men comin' at ya ! Rockin' and rollin' live on this here stage for a limited time only ! The world's greatest Bluesmen, the Runaway Five ! And here they come ! Oh yeah ! Baby !

After that
The Runaway Five are so sexy ! My husband definitely is... in need of some help in that area !
Oh, that was almost too much !


Come in quick ! Don't be shy.
So, whaddya think ? Do ya wanna see one more show ?
This is your chance fer a once in a lifetime event.
Ya got a once in a lifetime opportunity.
How 'bout watchin' one more show ?
So, our sound is too much for ya, right ? I figured as much.
Mr. Poochyfud, the Manager, is looking for you. I wonder what he wants ?
Cash, that's what I want
cash, that's what is hot
cash, that's what I want ...hey, I just made up new song.
I didn't make a spectacle of myself, did I ?
That was a great gig ! We can't be this good all the time, can we ?

Poochyfud's room
'scuse me ? What's that you got there ? Let me take a reeeeal close look.
(Ness used Wad of bills)
Yipes ! You surprised me. Now I'm not sure what to do. I got the money, of course, and now the Runaway Five are free to leave. I've got no complaints now that I have my money.
The Runaway Five are free to leave. I've got no complaints now that I have my money.
Well, what do you know ? This little nipper took us from a nightmare to a dream...
Ow ! This means we can get out of this dump !
I'm a good driver. C'mon, I'll show you.
All right, let's move on to the next town. I'm sure our ol' hunk o' junk will get us there...
I didn't make a spectacle of myself, did I ?
I'm gonna miss the Runaway Five when they finally leave. But that's life !
I'm not sure what happened, but it looked like it was good news.
"Sniff" I suppose I'll never see the Runaway Five's show again.

Department Store 1F
Sorry. The Chaos Theater is being remodeled. There is no concert.

Two-Three Tunnel
"Two-Three Tunnel" To the town of Threed.

It's just a hunch, but I think the ghosts in the tunnel don't like anything upbeat and cheerful. When I was driving in the tunnel, I was playing some grooving tunes and the ghosts moved slower. I think the ghosts can't stand anything positive.
Woooo ! Wooo ! Wooooooo ! (Go back ! Go back !)
Let's go to Threed ! Our tour bus is too loud for any ghosts to bother us. Do you want a ride ?
Oh yeah ! Let's go !
Get on the bus !
If ya change your mind, come back anytime.
Okay, guys, here we go ! Hey, sidewalk ! Get out of my way !
Looks like we have to say goodbye for now. This town seems pretty gloomy, but I'm sure you can light up the place with your own little brand of sunshine...
Hope to see you again sometime. Look for us to be singing at some theater in Fourside...