(Happy Happy Village)
Welcome to Fortunate Village

Happy Happy Village
Welcome to Happy Happy Village !

One day, Mr. Carpainter received a revelation. He now speaks the real truth.
Excuse me, tourist. I'm collecting donations to help protect the world from contaminants. Donate whatever you can.
How much would you like to donate ?
I'll be your shadow, then.
You good deed will be rewarded. Here's a postcard for you.
(Goods is full)
I wanted to give you a postcard. But... you can't accept it. You have too many items.
(When Ness don't have enough money)
...no jokes allowed.
When I painted everything blue, as Mr. Carpainter said, my wife who had run out on me returned home !
Mr. Carpainter wants a girl. No, I don't mean it like that. I meant he's looking for a girl who can be the high priestess of Hppy-happyism. I heard he's already got her.
Mr.Carpainter communicates with the divine, so he is able to deliver inspired messages.
You want to talk to Mr. Carpainter directly ? you must think you're pretty important, and boy do you have a lot of nerve ! You deserve to be struck by lightning.
Blue, blue ! I wish for everything in this world to become blue.
I think that those who won't paint everything blue are opposed to peace. I want them all to listen, even if it requires kicking their butts.
Psss psss Psss psss That overweight kid helped me. We kidnapped Paula. You know, she's hidden in a mountain cabin. Oh, oh ! Now I've done it ! I thought you were one of us ! You know I was joking ! Ha ha ha !... Just forget about this...
I won't tell you anything.
There's a place ahead that can't be painted blue. It's a strange and anti-blue place. I can't stop thinking about it... and I can't even go near that place.
I heard many footprints exist deep down in the east cave. People call that place Lilliput Steps, and it makes them feel uneasy.
Though you may not believe it, I'm a healer. If you have some illness that can not be treated at the hospital, it's my job to cure you.

Counseling office
This is the famous Happy-Happyism counseling office. When you obtain happiness you should visit the Happy-Happyism headquarters. It's located at the center of the village.
We wanted to join the Happy-Happy religious group. We're a married couple from Twoson.
Our child is waiting for us in Twoson. As a souvenir we'd like to bring him some happiness.
You don't seem to understand, so I'll explain it to you. When the world is changed to blue, a peaceful country can be established. Do you understand now ?
I can tell by your face that you're only pretending to understand. You just want something !
Although you don't understand now,
some day you will.
You might misunderstand what I have to say, But Carpainter's voice affects one's minds, like a hypnotist.

Food stand
(We trust you. Feel free to shop here.)
What would you like to buy ? How much do you want to pay ?
Ness paid $00 at the self-service stand.
Ness decided not to buy anything.
(Goods is full)
Ness could not carry any more stuff.
I'm monitoring those who don't pay at the food stand.
I noticed you didn't pay !
You won this confrontation. But the good side of you must ache with regret. Ha ha ha.

Inside of a building

Blue... blue... I'm not busy right now.
Shall I explain about the hospital system ?
Blue... blue. I can examine each one of you for $35.
"Meager Livin'Farm" (Lodgings available)
(I'm just a plain ol' cow, but Mr. Carpainter's messages always mooove me.)
(You got mooooved here because you gave Mr. Carpainter some lip.)
We're all like one big, happy family here in Happy Happy Village ! Basically, our policy is to only allow family members to stay here in the village. However, if you are interested in learning about Happy Happyism, we may make an exception and let you stay for $50.
Very well... be sure to do your "blue... blue..." chant before bed time.
Never have I heard such disrespect !
Get out and stay out !
Are you prepared to show the proper respect to Mr. Carpainter now ? Blue... blue...
(When Ness don't have enough money)
No faith... No money... You are a hopeless case.

Blue-Blue Drugstore
(All of our products are blessed. --Blue-Blue Drugstore)
(After Happy Happy Village capture)
(Not all of our products are blessed. --Nothing Blue Drugstore)
Hello there ! How may I help you ?
(Buy) (Sell)
Thank you very much.
Please come again.
Hello there ! How may I help you ?
(Buy) (Sell)
Thank you very much.
Please come again.
The information on the back of the "refreshing herb" reads as follows: If you catch a cold, if you're ill, or if you can't seem to heal, if you're poisoned, if you're depressed, a refreshing herb is the real deal. I know, it seems pretty iffy, but you should give it a try !

Happy-Happyism headquarters 1F
Blue, blue. Oh, you'd like to be one of us ? Then, give up what you're doing and go meet the great Mr. Carpaiter as soon as possible.
Blue, blue. Give up what you're doing and go meet the great Mr. Carpaiter as soon as possible.
Blue, blue. ...What ? I'm blocking you ? Ok, I'll move out of your way.
Blue, blue. I moved out of your way.
Blue, blue. ...Don't bother us. We're in the middle of prayer. Okay, I'll move out of your way. Go quickly !
Blue, blue. ...Is it your hobby or something to bother others while they pray ?!
Blue, blue. I say, "Arm the torpedoes, full speed ahead !"... or something like that. So now I'll crush you !
Blue, blue. ...What ? Are you saying that I'm only capable of walking in place ? That's not true, see !
Blue, blue. You must need help, because you're just standing around !
Green, green. Ooops, that's not it... I'm still new at this.
Blue, blue. Now I got it. Blue, blue.
Blue, blue. Don't disrupt our meeting ! I'll stomp on you !
Blue, blue. I'll stand somewhere else.
Blue, blue. Lagoon blue, blue.
Blew, blew. I'm trying to learn how to whistle. I heard that whistling makes one smile. I'll practice over there.
Blew, blew. Whistling is hard...
Blue, blue. Hey you ! Anti-blue boy ! You're getting on my nerves !
Blue, blue. You strange, unmasked fellow. Don't go to heaven !
Blue, blue. Why would a person who's not blue be here ?
Blue, blue. Your outfit... the color is wicked.
Blue, blue. You can't be happy unless you know happy-happyism.
Blue, blue. This should wake you up ! Aaaaaagghhh !!!
Blue, blue. Those who aren't believers must not be good ! To eternity with you !
Aaiiieeeeee ! I screamed... 'cause I didn't know what else to do !

Happy-Happyism headquarters 2F
Thanks for coming ! I've been waiting for you. I need your assistance to help make the world blue and change it into a happy and peaceful society. Will you be my right-hand assistant ?
You fool,
I have drawn you into my trap.
If you don't want to be my right hand, my left would be just fine... Just kidding ! Your existence is a problem for me and my religion. Defy me, and I'll end your pitiful game !
(When Ness have Franklin Badge)
Carpainter's lightning was reflected by the Franklin Badge.
Do you see the Mani Mani Statue behind me... Since I got the statue, I have been doing peculiar things. Please forgive me, if you can... I just wanted to have a normal life. I apologize to everyone. Here's the key to open the jail in the mountain cabin where Paula is being held. Take the key and go.
(Ness got the Key to the cabin.)
(Goods is full)
Your backpack is full... You should take this even if you need to throw away one of your items.
Please forgive me, if you can... I just wanted to have a normal life. I apologize to everyone.

Message from Paula
......Ness ?
...Ness ...Ness...
I'm a friend who you have never met before...
My name is Paula. Can you hear me calling you ?
I am Paula... ... ......
.... Ness !
I...Paula... I...Paula... I am Paula...
Can you hear me calling you ?
Help ! Come and help me !
Um, I don't know where I am...
I can hear water running in the distance...
Ness, please help me !

Mountain cabin
...Who ?... ...Are you Ness ? Ness ! I'm so glad it's you. I had a dream that a boy named Ness was my destiny. I know it's hard to believe. Therefore, I knew you would rescue me. If you didn't come, I would have had to try to bust out of here. You can't open the door. You'll have to get the key from Carpainter. He's got it hidden away. I heard Carpaiter can control lightning. In that case, you should wear this Franklin badge, okay ?
(Ness got the Franklin badge.)
I'll wait here until you return. Come back here and get me out once you defeat Carpaiter. Don't worry about me, just kick butt like I know you can !

(Goods is full)
What--do you want to get fried by lightning ? Get rid of something so I can give you the Franklin badge.
If you didn't come, I would have had to try to bust out of here.
Hey Ness ! You're just here to bother me, aren't you. You can call me Master Pokey, since Mr. Carpaiter made me an important person in Happy-Happyism. You should join us, but I know you won't... I'm glad I joined... I'm not going to fight you, but these guys will... Later potater...

After Happy Happy Village capture
Ness ! You got the key ! Are you hurt ?
(Yes) (No)
I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.
(Ness used the Key to the cabin.)
Thank you, Ness ! You're just like I imagined you would be... I'm sure that some people in Twoson are worried about me... Getting back there may be dangerous, but we can do it if we combine our strength. I'm able to use a little psychic power that is actually pretty deadly... Let's head back to Twoson ! Paula joined you.
What a horrible nightmare. I somehow woke up. Ness, let's be friends again. Please answer me. I promise to be good. ...uh ...okay ?
Hah ! I lied ! See you, sucker !

Road to Peaceful Rest Valley
Blue, blue... Oops ! I won't say it again. I fixed the bridge as a sign of apology. I'm just trying to help.
Well, my thoughts on happiness have changed...

Population of a Happy Happy Village
PLace ManWomanAnimalOtherTotal
Open space
Inside of a building
Blue-Blue Drugstore
Counseling office
Happy-Happyism headquarters

Lilliput Steps
You finally got here.
This is the second "Your Sanctuary" location.
But it's mine now.
Take it from me, if you dare...


Ness briefly had a vision of a baby in a red cap.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded
the melody of the Lilliput Steps.

Happy Happy Village
I woke up from the dream.
Finally, I have a chance to apologize.
My wife has run away for a second time. I'm such a lucky man !
I apologize.
We might have been listening to evil messages rather than good.
Mr. Carpaiter was pretty strange. But so was everyone else.
It was hard on the eyes to have everything blue.
We need to return the town to its original colors. I'll be very busy.
You really think I was a bad boy ?
I'm a changed person. I'm no longer a believer in Happy-happyism. Anyway, I'm very curious about the place that lies ahead of here.

Counseling office
I too was wrong in many ways.
Seems like I'm no longer hypnotized.

Food stand
(Thanks for your support over the years. The food stand is going out of business due to personal reasons.)
They said someone named Pokey stole all the food from the food stand.

Inside of a building
(The blue cow thing wasn't such a great idea after all, huh.)
Greetings, Ness. Please forgive my lecture earlier. You are now welcome to stay free of charge. Would you like to stay ?
Excellent. Please make yourself comfortable, on your blue sheets... No, no, I'm just kidding ! Ha ha hah !
Very well.
Please come again, any time.
Good morning. Take care and good luck.

Happy-Happyism headquarters
It looks like almost everyone woke up and left...
There are only three people remaining... I don't want to stay. I'll get out of here...
Sorry about everything ! Let's be buddies.
So you're the boy that... that... You went after Mr. Carpaiter and... you're awesome !