Giant Step

"Onett Public Library"
Use the library more !

1F Lobby
Hi ! Kids can borrow only maps at this library. Do you want to borrow one ?
Here's a map. Onett isn't the only thing on the map. All the info is there, except for the info that isn't there. Pressing the X Button allows you to view the map at any time. How convenient ! You know, the X Button... located near the top. Ha ha ha.
(Ness got the Town map.)
(Goods is full)
I suggest you bring a map along, even if you have to give up something else.
You seem to be carrying many worthless items.
A man without a map isn't popular with the girls. Do you want one now ?
Hi ! It's not necessary to return the map now. Come back in the year 2001 to return it.
... ... ...
(A man of few words. It's useless talking to him now.)
At "Giant Step" there's a monster guarding spot from the outside world. No one knows when the monster made Giant Step its territory. I wonder if he's stronger than my wife...

1F Room
Recently, I sensed the presence of UFO's flying around... or am I just dreaming ?
I recently read a book titled "Our Convenient Society." It said that our modern society demands that there always be an ATM in hotels and drugstores. Just knowing that is convenient ! I'm glad I read the book... I can't believe I didn't know this stuff. I'll check whether or not we have an ATM in our drugstore...
I read the book called "Our Society is Convenient." It said that these days, there are always telephones in hotels and drugstores. I also learned that to use a green pay phone costs a dollar, while the black phones are free. If you weren't aware of this, all your money could get eaten up by your phone calls. I'm glad I read that book...
...Shhh ! You're bothering people !
I'm cramming for the big test tomorrow. It's about games. "Hotel Rule" ...if you stay at a hotel, you'll wake up with full HP and PP. "Life Recovery Rule" ...recovering your life will give you full HP, but zero PP. ...Hmmm... I bet this stuff will be on the test...
... Quiet !

2F Lobby
Uh no, I'm in here. Don't try to come in... especially if you don't need to use the bathroom !
Don't talk to me. I...I'm thinking...!

2F Room
I'm researching "Giant Step." It's located north and west of Onett.
I heard it possesses a special power !
I can't believe I saw it with my own eyes. I was staring out the window and there it was, just fluttering there... I'd only seen it in the encyclopedia before. What was it ? A Magic butterfly ! If you get close to a Magic butterfly, all your cares fly away, just like a fluttering butterfly. Yep, yep ! That's the effect of the legendary Magic butterfly. I love talking about it ! Ooops ! Sorry about the outburst... I got carried away with all the talk about lovely butterflies...

What ? You want to meet our boss, Frank ? He's in the backyard of the game arcade, thinking about peace and love. You might want to visit him.
Do you want to start a fight, or what ?
Do you want to meet Frank ? You don't want Frank to beat you up, do you ?

Game arcade
It was you ! YOU beat up my buddy, didn't you ? You'd better just beat it !
Uh huh... Uh huh... You sound like a real whiner to me. Don't get lippy, or I'll kick your butt ! To tell you the truth, I like drinking tea and eating fresh vegetables, but that doesn't fit my super cool image. I guess I just have to accept this about myself.
When you buy an item that should be equipped, do you bother to actually equip it ? Heh eh, I gave a hint to my own enemy... I'm such a rockin' dude ! I obviously have toral confidence in my own abilities. So... are you ready to get it on, Spanky ?
Spit spit spit Saliva spit spit Do you want some gum ? Get yer own, twit.
Hey kid ! Do you wanna become a member ?
Come back after you finish
EarthBound !
Don't be such a snob !
Frank has an incredibly powerful weapon. If you get your hands on it,
I bet you can stand against any enemy.

... ...I'm Frank. You are ? C'mon, can't you at least say your name ?

"Fail-proof" Frank can't be beaten.
Puff, puff, puff And this is "Frankystein Mark II."
...This is my first defeat. "Fail-proof" Frank is now just "failure" Frank. I know you've been asking around, so I'll tell you about Giant Step. It... seems... to be quite a powerful spot. Some kind of special power is stored there that allows certain people to perform wondrous feats. However... a monster sucked up all the energy at that spot. It's difficult to get to Giant Step. That's all I know... I suggest you collect more information on your own. The entrance to the path leading to Giant Step is behind the touring entertainers' shack. Pirkle, the Mayor of Onett, has a key to the shack. Ness, you've become stronger than I ! Your adventure is just beginning...
(Looks like quite a piece of work...)

After that
You sure are strong ! You got me, at least...
Yeah ?
So you're a real Rambo-type guy ? I don't think so.
Hurray ! The Sharks are gone from the arcade !
Now I can go in... Except I don't have any money to play the games...

City Hall
Onett City Hall

There are lots of snakes and stray dogs around Onett. Is the mayor going to let them just run around, doing whatever they want ? I'm here to protest !
Oh, aren't you Ness ? Is it a school holiday today ? Have you done your homeworks ? Remember to brush your teeth before going to bed. Have you been wetting your bed ?
Did I tell you that I saw a Giant Ant one time at Giant Step ?
... Oh, sorry. I did ant mean to spoil it for you.
I'm really in a foul mood. Why ? Because the Mayor doesn't like me. I think I'll just kick back for a while. It just may take me a couple of hours to sign this paper. ""snicker"" ""snort""

I work for City Hall, but somehow Mayor Pirkle bugs me.
Let's keep this between you and me.
We don't have any openings for part-time employees at this time.
Some suspicious-looking kids are hanging out in the woods north of the library. I wonder if they are members of the Sharks. To stop the spread of the gang, someone should shut down their gathering places, don't you think ? I've started a movement that will stop all of the bad influences on the children of Onett. I call it the "Fresh Breeze Movement." Hum de dum dum...
(Aren't you stuck ? If you want a hint, come and get it ! Eagleland Hint Union)
The Mayor's office is on the second floor. You need an appointment before you visit.
I'm going to have to stop you if you try to see the Mayor.
Look. I told you so...
Since you beat up the Sharks, you're the talk of the town. Mayor Pirkle is waiting for you.
You look like someone who's going to do somethings big.

Mayor's Office
The Mayor is busting his butt with all the troubles in town, like the Sharks and the meteorite... Hey, are you the guy who's trying to reform the Sharks ? Wa ho ! Wa ho ! Wa ho ! You've got to be kidding ! Scram !
Thank you so much for all of your help...
In the next election, please give a speech supporting Mayor Pirkle. Hee hee hee.
Hey hey hey ! I'm Mayor B.H.Pirkle. It's so nice to meet you. You beat up the town bullies, punched them out big time, kicked their butts, bit their heads off, spit in their eyes, and made them wet their pants. Then you forced them to promise not to make any more trouble. Thank you ! What ? You want a key to the touring entertainers' shack ? For someone as great as you, giving you the key could help keep the town peaceful. However, if you encounter a dangerous situation, please don't ask me to take any responsibility. I'll be able to avoid any responsibility, right ?
I'm a very important man in these parts.
Do you think I'm important ?
You're such a smart kid...
Here's the key to the shack.
(Ness got the key to the shack.)
Look, I'm the big cheese around here,
and a brat like you should realize
when someone is trying to be nice.
Hey, what's-your-name ! I'm so busy with my election that I don't have time to meet with you.

North of Onett
"Giant Step" North, at the top of the mountain
Danger ! Do Not Enter !
Traveling entertainer's shack.
Do Not Enter

(I am not your enemy. I am simply your average run-of-the-mill mole. Would you like some hints on fighting enemies ?)
(Listen carefully. My hint involves which way you are facing when a battle with an enemy occurs. If you allow enemies to approach you from your back or side, they may get a surprise opening attack. When they approach you this way, your TV screen, no... no... I mean the world in front of you will show a red swirl for a second. On the other hand, if you approach an enemy from the back or side, you may get a surprise opening attack. In that case, your TV... Oops again ! ...The world in front of you shows a green swirl. The point is, try to fight so that you always have the advantage.)
(Ah, I see... You've already got a good grasp of how to fight effectively.)
I heard there's a big foot print on the hilltop behind this shack.
I haven't seen it myself... It's just a rumor.
This shack was locked by someone from City Hall, so we can't use it. The reason it was closed was 'cause a punk named Frank may have trashed the place. What a drag. We can't even change our clothes, and hotels are too expensive...
The door is locked.
Ness used the key to the shack. The door opened.
Wow. You opened the door ! All Right ! Here's a trinket for good luck. It's the Travel charm !
(Ness got the Travel charm.)

Do you like traveling too ?
Uh, huh. The big foot print is called Giant Step. What a way cool name !

Giant Step
You finally got here.
This is the first "Your Sanctuary" location.
But it's mine now. Take it from me, if you dare...

Ness caught a glimpse of a small, cute puppy.
Ness's Sound Stone recorded the melody of the Giant Step.

After Giant Step capture
Hey you, the board says "Do Not Enter." Couldn't you read it ?
So you just didn't want to read the sign, huh kid...
Get yer butt to the Onett Police Station later !
What a rebellious kid !
Come to the Onett Police Station later !

Onett Police Station
I would rather be working as a parking meter cop...
It's just been too busy lately. I'm sick of it.
Man, am I steamed... Don't even try talking to me.
The townspeople are in a state of confusion. At times like this, riots break out, or people start acting wild, so we police are being ultra cautious.
Psst ! I'm not really one of the gang. I'm a cop, even if I don't look like it.
This is a jail ! You guys have no business being here.
Hey, I'm in here ! Go and find another can ! Ha, I was just joking !

After Giant Step capture
Well, the riot's over. Now I can move on to parking enforcement ! Hooray ! Life is good. Dum dee dee dee...
Why are you asking about a driver's license ? You're way too young to even think about getting behind the wheel, you little pest.
So here you are. You're the little delinquent that came back from Giant Step ! Now you listen here... "Don't Enter" mean just that --DO NOT ENTER ! You got that ? And furthermore... Blah blah Blah blah It's usually those tax evaders who... Blah blah Blah blah We don't enjoy blocking off the roads, you know... Blah blah Blah blah It's usually the local whiners that make a big deal about emergencies and meteorites ! Blah blah Blah blah Blah blah

Why is the road to Twoson closed ? An emergency, of course. At times like this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games. Anyway, are you sure you want to go to twoson ?
Okay, ""chortle"" Follow me.
Show me what you got...
See if you can get past
five of my best men...
Well then, perhaps you should
just crawl back to your shack, little mister.
Eeeeyah ! Hey, small fry ! You must be shaking in your boots !
You're tough. You should join the police force.
Your average policeman is stronger than any super here !
Oh... you won...
Don't let the Mayor's compliments give you a big head... Bring it on, fat boy !
Let's do this again sometime...
Next time, I'll take you out with my nuclear suplex attack !
C'mon ! I'm going to take you apart right here, right now, baby !
Grrr... I lost...
That's it, buddy... You can forget about me, I'm going to call for my boss !
There is no way I can beat you in a straight competition, so...get ready for my "Super Ultra Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot martial arts !"
I didn't think you would do so well against the mighty Onett police force... You want me to open the road to Twoson ? Hang on for a sec, I'll radio my staff and give them the word... ""Beep, beep""...""Click""... ""Rrrr"" ""Click"" Strong here... do you read me ? ... ""Krrrr"" ...Hey !... ...It's me, Captain Strong !... Okay, listen, a kid named Ness will be there in a few minutes... He's a kid in a red cap... I want you to open the road to Twoson for him... I know that... I know that!... Don't ask me why, just do it ! That's an order ! ...Strong out...
Well kid, I'm not going to question you now, but I do want to see you again...Good luck !
I've been playing "EarthBound" lately... I'm having a tough time.

Road to Twoson
Road to Twoson.
I heard there's a guy who stops to read each bulletin board he encounters. Then he says, "check-a-roony !" Is that you ?
Oh, oh... The road's closed again. It's Onett's claim to fame !
Don't talk to me ! I'm on duty. Until I have Chief Strong's permission, I can't let you through !
The road to Twoson is closed. You can't just squeeze through road blocks, either ! Onett is famous for roadblocks !
(After Police Station capture)
You're doing well. Keep it up. The "Twoson Map" can be checked out at the library. You can also use the map in Twoson. It's really useful.
Hey, aren't you Ness ? Well, I got the okay from Chief Strong to let you through. Take care of yourself.

Exit Mice's House
I live rent-free in the mouse's house. The mice are known as "Exit mice." They are very kind, and boy are they fast ! I really love these guys !
(Please take my son along. He may look like a regular, small mouse, but he can lead you to an exit if you're lost in a maze,) (Will you take one of my sons along ?)
(He's a tough boy.
You can treat him as one of your items.)
(Ness got the Exit mouse.)
(You understand that
you don't need any money for this...)
(Oh, you have him already.)
(Goods is full)
(You have too many items.You can't take my son.)
(Trust me on the dark road.)
(Oooo. Do I get to come along too ?)