It's not the case where it is sleeping

The year is 199X
Onett, a small town in Eagleland
Ness's house
Hey, bro. Did the sound wake you up ? Were you freaked out ?
Do you think Mom will let me stay up late tonight ?
I can't seem to fall back asleep.
What was that noise ? Ness, you don't seem scared. Are you nuts ? And now you want to go check it out ? ...oh ...okay. You'll sneak out of your room anyway, even if I asked you not to. At least change out of your jammies before you go.
Be careful ! Come home as soon as you can.
(Besides humans, dogs also sleep at night. Why aren't you asleep ?)

The neighborhood of a house
South to the suburbs of Onett.

Oh, hi. Pokey, my brother, ran out of here to chase after a police car. He said "Picky, you should stay home." So I'm home watching our house. Mom and Dad aren't home yet. They went out to an elegant restaurant.
I'm so sleepy... Mom and Dad haven't gotten back from town yet. Pokey ran out, and he hasn't returned. I'm thinking about going to bed.
(Treasure Hunter ! This is Lier X.Agerate's house !)
Hey Ness, hiya Buddy ! A meteorite fell down and went boom ! It was a real mess for a while. I was fine because I always eat garlic and work out to help make my body stronger. However, the weaker citizens probably fainted. I also want to tell you...whoops ! I almost told you about my... Uh, by the way Ness, did you check my billboard ? I wrote the message myself. That's my real job, you know... I'm a billboard guy. Why don't you check out my work ?

Sigh. I wonder when the cops will leave...
I want to return home, but the road is closed.
People are taking this meteorite situation too seriously !
Did you hear the big bang ? I think a meteorite landed nearby. I want to be the first to see it. Okay ? I am going to try to be the first to get there...

The way to the summit of the mountain
Onett police are infamous for closing roads if something is going on.
We are going for the world record...
Don't panic !
It's just a...what ?! ...meteorite that...who ?! ...fell.
I just wannna... what ?! ...go home...

Don't you know what time it is ?! Get yer butt home, pronto !
A meteorite has landed, the Sharks are running wild in town, you kids are wandering around, and, I'm hungry... I hate my job !
It's dangerous to go to the hilltop. Even if advise you not to go, it won't stop you, will it ?
Hey, you ! Don't you know what it is ?
That meteorite looks different than usual. It's strange and marvelous...as well as mysterious... ooooo !...

Clear out. Get out of my way. Clear out. Get out of my way.
Clear out. Get out of my way. Clear out. Of way out get my Whoops, my mistake...
I mean "get out of my way !"
Shh. Shh!
Aaaaah--h... If I yawn like this...it looks like I'm goofing off.
Aaaaah--h... ...yes, it does...
Nice timing, Ness. Will you do something about Pokey ?
He's driving me nuts. Are you two friends ?
And you live in the house next to his...
I see...
You're not friends,
but aren't you neighbors ?
C'mon, help me out here !

Hey, Ness. Don't be rubberneckin'. You're gettin' in the cops, oops... I mean officer's way ! You can go home now. Tomorrow I, Pokey, will tell you more about the strange meteorite. I'm fine here, but you're bugging the officers !
You can go home now. Tomorrow I, Pokey, will tell you more about the strange meteorite. I'm fine here, but you're bugging the officers !

Welcome home, Ness. It's not necessary to talk about it tonight.
It's late, scoot off to bed now.
(Yes) (No)
Oh, Ness.
You don't understand the importance
of a good night's sleep !

Ness's House
Later that night...
Someone's knocking at the door. What an annoying knock !
(I've got fleas sucking me dry, so I'm just going to lie still for now.)
My land ! Who could be knocking at the door at this time of night ? Would you answer it ?
Hey ! L-L-Listen to what I've got to say ! When I took Picky to the place where the meteorite landed... Oh ! Good evening ma'am. You're looking lovely as usual. ""snicker"" Anyway, as I was saying, the police that were guarding the meteorite landing left suddenly to deal with the Sharks. You know the Sharks, they're the local ruffians, and they were really going wild. Suddenly, I noticed that Picky was gone. I blame the cops...it certainly wasn't my fault at all. When my dad gets back, I know I'm gonna get it... You're my bestest friend. Won't YOU help me find Picky ?
If you refuse me, I'll say something that'll cut you like a knife. Will you come with me ?
Ok, good buddy ! Let's blow this popsicle stand... Before we go, why don't you say "goodbye" to your mom. Don't you agree, ma'am ?
Okay, okay... I won't say anything to hurt you. Will you please come with me ?
I know that the dog is unreliable, but you should take king along. The Cracked Bat in Tracy's room could help out at a time like this... No matter what anyone says, you're a courageous, strong boy. You're my very own natural born fighter... You'll go far... Remember to "Go for it !" But, I think you should change out of your jammies before you leave.
Yeah, sure, you're cool ! Whatever...
I'll do everything I can to help you ! Good luck on your adventure. You might get hungry along the way, so here is a cookie.
(Ness got the Cookie.)
You can also leave anything you don't need with me. Do you want me to hang on to something ?
What do you want to store ?
The Cookie ?
Don't worry, I'll keep it safe.
Do you have anything else that
you want me to store ?
(Check out)
What would you like returned ?
The Cookie ?
Take good care of it.
Is there anything else
you want returned ?
I'm not storing any of your stuff.
I think you should hang on to that.
Do you have anything else that
you want me to store ?
Do you need anything else from me ?
Well, take care and I'll take to you later !
(Do you want me to go with you ?)
(I guess I have no choice. Let's go.)
King joins you.
(Oh, I get it.
You just wanted to talk to me
because I'm so lovable.)
(When the bat is not got)
You're not talking anything on our big adventure ? Why don't you look around for your Cracked bat or something ?
(When the bat is not equipped)
Sorry about giving you this game-type advice, but you should equip you weapon ! Do you know what "equip" means ?
Okay, that's good.
Be sure to pay attention to details like that.
It means "use" or "wear." You must equip items in order to use or wear them. "Equip" is used a lot in games like this, but you already knew that...
All right ! You go out in front, and I'll follow at a safe distance. Let's get going !
(Pokey joins you.)
Could you get that ?
The phone is ringing ! Answer it !
At my house, my dad gets bent if I don't get the phone...within the first three rings !
Ness answered the phone.
Hello, it's your dad. "Work to exhaustion when you're young..." Have you ever heard of a weird saying like this ? Just remember, I'm always behind you 100%. Don't be afraid. I know that you're brave. You can do it ! Don't forget to call me periodically during your adventure. I can make a record of your progress when you call me. Oh yeah, I deposited $30 into your bank account. Do you have your ATM card ? Withdraw your money from any cash machine and buy whatever you need. Good Luck, m'boy ! I feel like such a hero ! What ? Well, the father of a hero, at least. Wa ha ha ! Slam ! Beeeeeeeep !

The way to the summit of the mountain
(If Ness will go to town)
Hey Ness ! So, are you just gonna wander around wherever you please ? Don't you think we should focus on getting Picky home ?
(If Ness will go to Pokey's house)
Hey Ness ! Like I said, my dad isn't home yet ! You've got to bring Picky back before he comes home ! I'll try to help you a little.
You're hungry already ? Why don't you have some Steak ? Pokey, you don't like Steak, do you ? T.O.O.BAD !
Hey, Ness ! I was too busy to investigate, but I heard a child's voice on the hilltop. I'm a busy man, but when I do a job, I do it well. I'm a man's man.
Ness, buddy... I have something to tell you, and only you. Can you come visit me later, alone ?

Summit of the mountain
Awooooof !
(If I knew this was going to be such a scary place,
I wouldn't have come along... I'm outta here !)
Wha-! Oh ! You woke me up... Pokey ! I've been looking all over for you ... You see, Pokey got scared and ran away... Well, I'm glad that you're okay at least... Let's go home now. I bet Mom and Dad are worried sick about us. Geez ! Sometimes I wonder which one of us is the real big brother.
(Picky joins you.)
Ness ! Do you hear a buzzing that sounds like a bee flying around ?
Yes ! You can hear it !
Oh, c'mon... You must hear it...
(Caution ! There are still lots of fires burning here and there. It's HOT !)

A bee I am not... I'm from 10 years in the future. And, in the future, all is devastation... Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer, sent all to the horror of eternal darkness... ... However, you must listen ! Where I am from, there is a well-known legend that has been handed down from ancient times. It says "When the chosen boy reaches the point, he will find the light. The passing of time will shatter the nightmare rock and will reveal the path of light." You see, it is my opinion that you are that boy, Ness. This I believe... ... Giygas'monstrous plan must have been set in motion somewhere on Earth... If you start to confront the enemy immediately, you may have time to counter the evil intentions of Giygas. Three things are of the utmost importance: wisdom, courage, and friendship. ...The legends from the ancient times tell of three boys and girl who defeat Giygas. ...I will tell you more later. Go now ! And do not be anxious about the future. You have much work to do, Ness. Did you listen to what I told you ?
Thank you for listening to my long story.
You are as exceptional as
I expected you to be ...
Buzz Buzz now joins you.
I hate to go over it again,
but I guess I'll start over...
We'll be here 'til sunrise !
Ness ! It looks like you're really in a lot of trouble this time... Three boys, he said ? ...Uhhh... I'm not one of those three, am I ?... ...'Cause... I'm not into this kind of thing at all... Geez. My heart almost pounding right out of my chest !...

The way to the summit of the mountain
It's been a long time, Buzz Buzz. You've been successful at foiling Master Giygas' plans. But... Buzz Buzz, you must now surrender. You're no longer a hero, but just a useless insect. I'll stomp you hard !

The Starman Junior blocked the way !
The Starman Junior was defeated !
Whew !... I was taking a big chance there... He came from 10 years in the future to kill me, so we can't relax yet ! From now on, you'll be fighting enemies sent by Giygas, as well as humans who have evil thoughts. They'll definitely make trouble during your adventure ! Animals are also becoming violent due to Giygas' influence over the evil in their minds !
It is the truth, so listen !

Pokey's House
I'm really sorry that my kids troubled you so much... Both of you are really going to get it now ! By the way, I would be happy if you left sometimes soon. I'm tired of your family living next door. We've loaned your father a lot of money. If may have been a hundred thousand dollars or more... Well, I guess it really could have been less, but because of the loan, my family and I now live in poverty !
""Sigh"" ...I'm so tired... nag, nag, nag...
Where in sam hill have you boys been ? I'll have to think of a suitable punishment !
My husband is very soft-hearted.
My husband is much too lenient with the children. Oh well, nice guys finish last. That's the story of our life... Ayaaaeee ! I think it's a dung beetle ! I'll smash your guts out !
Agh ! "Gasp" I was... ...much weaker than I thought... So you must now begin your adventure... see... you... Oh, I just remembered... Listen to my final words... To defeat Giygas, your own power must unite with the Earth's... the Earth will then channel your power and multiply it... There are eight points that you must visit. Make these places your own... Each of these locations is "Your Sanctuary." One of them is near Onett. It is called "Giant Step." Go there first... Do you understand ?
All right. You are a very intelligent young man...and... Oh ! The pain ! ...Everything is getting dark... urgh !..."Gasp"... Before I pass on, I want to give you something... It is the Sound Stone. You can record the melodies from the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations into this stone. It is an awesome item... By the way... I'm almost gone, but did you want to hear the story one more time ?
...I see. I apologize. I guess I didn't explain it well enough...
Oh, okay...
Good ! It's already dawn outside... But it doesn't matter to me. I'm fading fast... Argh ! "Gasp"
(Ness got the Sound Stone.)
My dad really got after me.
He said I get no dessert for the rest of the decade...
I don't wanna look at the meteorite anymore.

Ness's House
You're back ! Don't bother yourself with talking now, you look too tired. Mothers understand these things. Eat some Steak and scoot up to bed.
Good morning, sleepy bones ! Are you ready to start your adventure ? I'm so proud of you ! My little man is growing up too fast...
Oh, it's my line now ? Ooops !
(I don't wanna go out anymore. I don't care if everyone thinks I'm a stubborn mutt.)

Lier X.Agerate's House
I'm doing this because I trust you. First, let's go to the basement. Ah ! I can tell by the look on your face you don't want to hang out, do you ? That's all right. After all, we are not even related. I know you think I'm a big liar but maybe I'll surprise you !
...So Ness buddy, I've found proof of a great treasure... a huge haul... yah, hah, hah... I'll show you, but you're the only one. C'mon.

If this is a sign of what lies below, I just need a little time. My destiny is to find and dig up the buried treasure. I'll eat garlic and work out to help strengthen myself. Go home now. You're getting in the way of my work. You may start to get greedy thoughts...
(The Golden Statue is glowing strangely...)