Canary Village - Strange Cave

Canary Village
No Hunting - Approaching
The Canary Village Wildlife Refuge
It's fine weather today. But, I don't care.
Wow ! That canary is the baby of singing Laura.
Will you return her baby to her.
Where is Laura?...
You just missed something very important.
I am Laura.
(CanaryChick use)
Overjoyed with her reunion, Laira began singing.
MIKE remembered the tune.
This canary is singing.
MIKE remembered the tune.
Laura remembered her song, and began to sing once more.
Did you learn the melody ?
The truth is...
There is power in song.
That's no good.

The way to a town Merrysville
Podunk WEST
Merrysville EAST
(The bridge of a Podunk east)
Until the curfew is lifted, no one can cross.
That is by order of the Town Mayor.
Psst... by the way kid,
they might let you cross the bridge northeast of The Zoo.
Proclamation by the Town's Mayor says...
No one may pass until the Zoo case is solved.
A real one way attitude if you ask me.
I don't have to like it, just enforce it.
(After Zoo capture)
The curfew has been lifted.
Although I can't see why travel was ever restricted.
I heard that you can communicate with Telepathy.
Have you heard all of the people talking about you ?
But you probably don't need to 'listen' to them !
Deep in a cave, there is a strange rock-like thing.
It's so strange, you definitely should take a look.

Strange Cave
Wait.. A voice is speaking into MIKE's mind.
MIKE felt this question enter his mind.
" Who has lost his tail ? "
Finding the entry in Great-grand Father's Diary, MIKE read out loud...
The forgotten one of the ship that sails the cosmos.