Podunk City Hall

City Hall
City Hall City of Podunk
I 'll share the secret with you later.
I am Abbott, not the Town Mayor, but his assistant.
Mr. Mayor is over there.
Citizen, I know you would like to help your town.
Well... A child has strayed into the cemetery.
And... I 'm up for re-election soon.
You must help !
Please help me !
(Yes) (No)
OH !?
You will go there and save her ?
Return her to me alive, and surely I 'll be a hero...
Er, umh, I mean you'll be a hero.
( After that... )
What a surprise !
Our hero MIKE returning alone !
Won't you stop and rest for a while ?

Hamburger shop
My !
You are that snot-nosed MIKE who sat next to me in kindergarten !

Department store
Look for yourself, all the animals have escaped.
Only this Canary Chick is left.
Want to buy it ?
Well, how about $85 ?
OK kid, it's a free country, you know.
Take care of it. Come see us again !
If it's free, do you want it ?
Then take it !
(Goods is full)
I am afraid you can't carry anything more.
(Goods is full)
You can't carry it ?
What a shame !
How's the Canary ?
I think something is controlling the animals.
Ah... cute pets aren't they ?
You stupid jerk !

The room rate at this Hotel is so inexpensives...
And that't not where it stops being cheap either.
Whenever you get tired, just drop by our Inn.