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Now wait a minute, youngster ! I could give you a great hint for just $35. You'd like a hint, wouldn't you ?
" Hint "
That's it for today.
Do you want to hear the hint once more ?
This is a special service just for you...
So you're telling me that you don't want a hint ? You're either awfully confident or $35 is too much to pay. Anyway, a young man like you is very unusual these days. If you happen to need a hint, c'mon back ! I'm here all the time...
(When Ness don't have enough money)
Oh, you don't have any money. Don't you understand ? This is how I make my living... I can't just give you a hint for free, kid.
(Cost of Hint)

It seems that the citizens of Onett have been harassed by those dang street punks called the Sharks. I wonder if going and talking to Frank, the leader of the Sharks, would do any good ?
So, have you met B.H.Pirkle, the mayor of Onett ? Mayor Pirkle's office is on the second floor of Onett City Hall.
Go northwest. A traveling entertainer is having some trouble getting into a locked shack...
You're on your way to Giant Step, aren't you ? Just be careful, the police are pretty touchy about people, not to mention kids, going up there...
The police were here looking for you. Did you do something illegal ? Head south on the street in front of my shop. You'll find the Onett Police Station. I think it's best if you turn yourself in... no matter what you may have done.
Have you heard of a girl named Paula ? She lives in Twoson, the town next to Onett... They say she has some pretty spectacular supernatural powers. You can get to Twoson by heading south.
Have you been to Apple Kid and Orange Kid's houses ? Their places are south of the Polestar Preschool. They are great inventors ...to be. They need some financial help. If you help them ...later, for sure, without fail, certainly, something wonderful will happen. Believe me, this hint is worth a lot more than you paid.
If you go east from the bus stop, you will enter the Peaceful Rest Valley. If you keep going east, you will come to Happy Happy Village. You should maybe go there, unless you have something better to do ?
You got a call from Apple Kid on your Receiver phone ? What are you doing here, so far away from his home ? I can't give you any hints, but I'll keep your $50.
Have you spoken to Everdred in Burglin Park ?
What ?
You DID talk to him ?
So, Why are you here ?
Go back to the Peaceful Rest Valley.
Well, well, well...
That's not good.
You really should take the time out to meet Everdred.
Have you been to the Happy Happyism headquarters at the center of Happy Happy Village ? Do you want to go there ? Or not ? What ? Why can't you make up your mind !
This is my business, so I'm happy to have customers. But, don't you know this is a crisis ? You shouldn't be wasting time here. Anyway, I'll keep your $50.
You know that Paula is in the mountain cabin, right ? Be rescuing her, you actually rescue yourself.
Paula's father at the Polestar Preschool must be really worried. You should be considerate of a father's feelings toward his daughter. He's only human, y'know !
Go and see Everdred, the boss of Burglin Park. Just trust me... you go see him.
The Runaway Five, the band at the Chaos theater, is up to their eyes in debt. Could anyone pay off their debt for them ?
I don't think there is anything else you need to do in this town. It's okay of you stay, but it's really okay if you leave...
There's a tunnel northwest of this town. There are two guard zombies that hang out at the entrance. They are actually pretty nice guys... It might be a good idea to meet those guys... But it's quite all right if you don't... Though I think that you really ought to go there.