Welcome to Merrysville !
Podunk WEST
Union Station NORTH
You look so happy all of the time !
An awful creature beat me up.
If you're going to the station, watch out !
Get to school !
You are a school boy, aren't you ?
Have you been to Sweet's Little Factory ?
They manufacture Bottle Rockets there.
I 'd like to be a doctor, and help sick people...
and make lots of money doing it.
I got this from Duncan's factory in the north.
Don't take me for an ordinary man.
Although I am an ordinary man.
I heard the curfew in Podunk has been lifted.
You know what that means, don't you ?
We can cross the bridge once more !
I 've heard that in Duncan's Factory up north,
they've started building huge rockets.
How can we get the big rocks off the railroad tracks ?
I 'll bet the Mayor leaves them there'til election time.
I think... I think...
The rockslide on the railroad tracks...
Could be blown up with a Duncan Factory Rocket.
Excuse me... could you answer this questionnaire ?
Do you think the train tickets are too expensive ?
Really ?
This is a respectable survey...
(Yes) (No)
Have you USEd the Bullhorn ?
(Yes) (No)
Thank you for your cooperation.
In exchange... for your time, those Telephone Card is for you.
Excuse me, but could you answer this questionnaire ?
Oh ! I 'm sorry I 've already asked you these questions...
I heard about some weird things over in Podunk.
Heard a zombie was kidnapped...
animals roamed the city streets...
all kinds of crazy stuff.
Coming this fall-Duncan's Debutantery
Financing by, Architectural by, Construction by,
The Duncan Company Inc.
Duncan Enterprises plans to build a strip-joint here.
No one in town likes the idea of that at all !
I 've heard many scary monsters lurk outside town.
I 'm so afraid that they'll take my money away.
Big rocks block the railroad.
The train cannot pass.
I told my kid to study, then play Nintendo games.
Those are the rules around my house !
My husband is an important man at Twinkle School.
He never eats lunch.
What happened to school ?
You have school, don't you ?

Welcome to Merrysville !!
Cheap, fast and handsome.
The best doctor is Old Sawbones Benny.
Take advantage of specially priced treatments now !!
Whether dead or alive, protect your life.
First Show me your money.
Then I 'll treat you.
Well...In your case, I 'll have to bill
$0000 for your treatment.
This special price was set just for you.
Thanks for the $0000
You are now cured.
Go get hurt again and come back soon.
He-he-hee !
Fine, die all on your own.
I 'll phone a mortician.

A restaurant, rant, rant, rant...
Happy restaurant, rant, rant, rant...
Are you happy ?
The Hotel in this town isn't any better than
 the one in Podunk, and yet it is so expensive...
I think HAMBURGER is delicious, too.
All restaurant owners love musicals !