All That I Needed (Was You)

All That I Needed (Was You)

I used to think I was so smart
But I couldn't hide the hole in my heart
Sad as it seems, none of my dreams
Ever came true
I used to walk the avenue
All by myself with nothin' to do
Kickin' at cans, half of a man
Till I met you, and I knew
*I've looked for you all of my life
Round every corner
Wishin' on stars
Like some kind of fool, ohh ohh
But now I see the stars in your eyes
Those days are over
I took one look
and I was hooked
I found heaven in you
**And though my dream was overdue
My prayer was answered out of the blue
And now I know. I know it's true
All that I needed was you
You were all that I wanted
You were all that I needed
I was lost, anyone could tell
Just tossing dimes in wishing wells
Out of money and down on luck
Was I surprised when lightnin' struck
And suddenly, you were sent to me
My destiny. it was meant to be
I didn't know before
What I was living for
But now I know for sure
I have been waiting for you
I never knew what I had missed
Until the moment that we kissed
Angel divine, now you are mine
I feel brand new
And now at last, my life's complete
Baby, your love's the missing piece
Here in my arms, here in my heart
All that I needed was you