Wisdom of the World

Wisdom of the World

Through ice and through fire
A wilderness of stone
With dreams and desires
I have come alone
Seeking the answers
Only you could know, oh
* Show me the wisdom of the world
Tell me the secrets of the heart
And the sweet mysteries
of love
Come fill my eyes with visions
So that I may see
Reveal the ancient powers
Whisper them to me
Here I stand before you
Ready to receive
(* Repeat)
Does a place called paradise
Wait beyond the azure skies
Bright as day?
Look into your crystal ball
Read the future in the stars
Does it say?
Will I give my heart in vain
To a lover or a friend
Come what may?
Who to trust and where to turn
There's so much I've yet to learn
Show the way
I am down
on my knees
Begging now
hugging please
(* Repeat)